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Boosting (Eloboost)

Boosting (Eloboost)

Elo Boost

In the eloboost or elo boost service, a high level player will log into your account and play ranked matches to up your elo. We guarantee a safe service, with excellence and a great cost-benefit.

1. Select the Server and Queue
BR Server
2. Select the League and Division
3. Select the desired League and Division

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From R$ --,00
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Note: You can choose additional ones at the time of finalizing the order, such as: Flash on D or F, specific champions, specific times, offline chat, streaming service, specific routes.

Boosting (Eloboost)

Service Information

ELOMAX makes available the Elo Boosting service, aiming to provide better match experience conditions for players. Our Boosters provide an opportunity for you to learn how you should behave in SoloQ games, even if your team is weak in gameplay and maturity.

As much as they say they do not, we know that most players have stressful experiences in ranked queues and do not reach their true elo due to obstacles such as trolls, afks and rages. Unfortunately this happens on all servers, even if you are in high elos. Sometimes, the player also does not have the free time to play and wear himself out in ranked games. ELOMAX is willing to increase the split of your account so you can actually play smoother and secure the Season's rewards.

Some specifications:

  • The customer can only play Ranked matches with the Booster for the duration of the service.
  • The account must have at least 20 enabled champions to be able to play ranked matches and perform the service.
  • In the case that the booster loses any Bo5 or drops a division, we fully guarantee the return of the elo and qualifiers at no additional cost.
  • If you are earning less than 15 points per win, it is recommended to buy the service under "Win Boost Purchase".
  • ELOMAX Exclsive: You can customize the service your way, in the Checkout screen.
  • Do you have any questions? Access our Tutorial and check all the steps to make the purchase and follow up the order.

NOTES: The client will follow his entire Boosting process via Service Dashboard, thus enjoying all the benefits: Chat with the player, ON/OFF module (to know when his booster is on in his account), match history, win counter and spectate of his matches. See a Demo Version clicking here.


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