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Frequently Asked Questions

Below we list some questions that our clients frequently ask. If your question is not answered in one of the topics below, do not hesitate to ask us directly in the menu Contact.


Is ELOMAX reliable?

Yes, absolutely. We have more than 7 years of experience in eloboosting, duoboosting and coaching services. With nearly 50,000 completed services coupled with great positive customer ratings (100% Reputation), make ELOMAX one of the largest and most complete Eloboost organizations in the Brazilian Server. All services were without incident and all were completed as agreed. Check out customer comments on our latest services on the site's home page, in the "Testimonials" section.

Our structure is complete. We created the Service Dashboard, a tool that has technology real-time, where you can follow all the progress of your service in real time. You can also choose your preferences to make the service personalized and as discreet as possible. We invite you to view a Demo of our System, just click here.

Safety first. ELOMAX has a physical address and CNPJ, because we value the transparency of our services and the tranquility of our clients at the time of contracting.

In addition, the Fanpage on Elomax Facebook already has with over 20,000 followers, demonstrating trust and the seriousness of our work. Stay tuned in our social network, there are always events and drawings! :)

Are the boosters qualified??

Yes, definitely. All boosters went through strict recruiting processes, testing their skills and qualifications, being able to perform all services available by ELOMAX. Our team is composed only of players of the Master, Grand-master and Challenger tiers. Besides that, our professionals receive proper training for service discretion and technical care with our customers' accounts.

What are our differentials?

We have a personalized customer service, promoted both by the Hiring Sector and by our boosters. One of ELOMAX's differentials is for sure the attention to the client and to the contracted service. In addition, our service platform has real-time technologies for the customer to follow the entire service process - in a very flexible way - either by cell phone, from work or from the computer. Another ELOMAX differential is the way in which we take care of our client's accounts, always striving for discretion and providing the service in a confidential manner. During the hiring and even after the finalization of the service, we inform the client of basic precautions so that the service is carefully safe.

We thought of everything when we made our site. It has Certificate of Security (SSL/HTTPS - Green padlock next to the browser's address bar). This means that all your data and information is encrypted, both when you browse and when you buy. Another advantage is that we use technologies that facilitate navigation, not overloading the visitor's connection, our site is certainly the fastest! And finally, we opted for a simple design, showing only essential and interesting information, no fancy pictures and decorations. Oh! Besides all that, it is all responsive, you can access it from any mobile platform and it stays adapted, without any bugs or hassles.

Considerations: Accustomed to being copied and plagiarized every day regarding our posts, articles, images and modules on our website, ELOMAX seeks to innovate every day, to always remain a pioneer in novelty and originality.

What are the advantages of hiring ELOMAX?

Unlike all Boosting companies on the Brazilian serve, ELOMAX is the only one that offers several advantages for you to contract our services. Elomax has gone from being a simple Boosting company to creating an idea of "Community" among customers. Besides delivering your contracted service, you will have several benefits at your disposal: Exclusive Materials for clients, with tips on LOL, strategies and interviews. Sweepstakes of RiotPoints and Coach Classes among clients with active services. Online Chat with our professionals about LOL and other promotions on the System and Facebook Page. This shows how we want customer satisfaction.

Our Services

Is this an honest service?

Some people say that our service (eloboosting) is immoral, but we don't agree with that. Our Boosters provide an opportunity for you to learn how you should behave in SoloQ games, even if your team is weak in gameplay and maturity. As much as they say they don't, we know that most players have stressful experiences in ranked queues and don't reach their true elo due to obstacles such as trolls, afks and rages. Even many people don't have time to play and often fall by inactivity. Unfortunately this happens on all servers, even if you are in high elos. We agree that our work is fair and is coupled with good intentions.

How does the service work?

We provide customers with 5 types of services: Eloboosting, Duoboosting, Win Boost Buying, Qualifying and Coaching. After paying for the contracted service, pay attention to the characteristics of the origin of each service:

ELOBOOSTING: Popularly known as "Eloboost", this service requires you to provide your LOL account for our boosters to gain access to the account and start the service.

DUOBOOSTING: For the Duoboosting service (DuoQueue) you do not need to provide your account, because you will play in a team with one of our players, you will only need to provide your Summoner name.

WIN BOOST/CLASSIFIERS: For these services (solo wins, placement, Bo3 and Bo5) we use the same settings as for "Eloboost" apply.

COACHING: Finally, for the Coaching service you do not need any information from your account, since it is only a Class. In this service you will only need to inform your Summoner name so that, at the scheduled time, the Coach can add you to the game and proceed with the Class.

What is our differential when it comes to performing the service?

We know that not all of your friends understand how stressful and tiring it is to play in ranked matches, which are filled with toxic players who have already given up on improving and find fun in spoiling your games. We also understand the lack of time to play and get the rewards at the end of the Season. That's why ELOMAX takes care to do the services without arousing suspicion from your friends and also tries to minimize any kind of punishment for your account.

Here are some differentials that we make available to our clients during the contracted service:
• Leave Chat Offline for friends (invisible)
• Spells (flash) position preference
• Route Preference
• Champions Preference
• Restrictive Times
• Mastery of Champions
• Priority Service
• KDA reduction
• Deadline Reduction
• Watch the Streaming Service

All of this at your disposal, to maintain a personalized, discreet and responsible service.

Am I at risk of being banned?

In more than 40,000 completed services, we have never had any permanent incidents of banned accounts, but there are possibilities, although they are minimal. This is because ELOMAX has a strict privacy and confidentiality policy for the services hired, thus contributing to ELOMAX being the company with the lowest ban rate in the market. ELOMAX, unlike other companies that lie and cheat to increase their sales, admits that there is a possibility of banishment and that is why we take the necessary care when performing our services. Only one booster is responsible for each account, optimizing the successful completion of the service without any future problems. We also guarantee total secrecy of the accounts' information in services and we select the booster according to the buyer's location, so that there is no discrepancy between the locations and IPs logged into the account. And finally, we are the only company that uses VPN (Virtual Private Network) allied to a technology developed by us to camouflage and encrypt digital information, minimizing considerably the chances of banishment. If you are more interested, read our Contract.

What is the deadline for the services?

The deadline depends on the size of the service contracted, which is ALWAYS met. Below, is the time frame for the services in general:

• EloBoosting*:1 day for each division hired + 1 day.
• Placement: 1 day for each contracted Placement.
• Win Boost: 1 day for every 5 contracted win boost .
• DuoBoosting: No deadline, because of the synchronization of the Client and Booster schedules.

Notes: There may be an extension of time depending on the MMR of the account, extras options, restricted hours and current demand for services.

* About the Diamond divisions, the deadline is extended to 3 days for each contradicted division + 1 day.

How does it proceed while using the account?

We have a whole policy of conduct followed by our Boosters, because we value to the utmost the secrecy and privacy of the client. All messages from the Friends list will be totally ignored by Booster, or passed on to the customer, if he is online in our system. You can also request Booster to go Offline in your Friends List. No Booster uses your RP or EA's without proper authorization from the customer.

How does the purchase of Win Boost work?

You can boost your account through one-time purchases of wins, not divisions. You will receive in your account the net number of purchased wins. If you bought 5 wins, then you will receive 5 net wins. Exemple: the customer bought 5 wins, but the booster won 5 games and lost 2, so your booster must win 7 wins. This is because we work with a compensation system, each defeat will be compensated with a victory, with the final objective of maintaining the balance purchased.

What are the times used for the services?

The time that will be used to perform the services depends exclusively on the booster who will be responsible for the service, but always respecting the deadline. To find out what time he usually plays, you can ask him directly in the Service Dashboard, via Chat.

If you want, you can choose the time when the Booster will play in your Account, opting for the Extra "Restrictive Time", when acquiring the service.

Can I set the times when the service will be done?

Yes, provided you enable the option during the service request step, by checking the extra "Restrictive Time"! ELOMAX considers this option because the service must be done with total discretion. For this reason, the customer may ask us to play at certain times so as not to arouse any suspicion. If you have a lot of time restrictions, the deadline can be extended..

Can I define the champions to be played in the service?

Yes, provided you enable the option during the service request step, by checking the extra "Specific Champions"! ELOMAX considers this option because the service must be done with total discretion. For this reason, the client may designate at least 10 champions to be prioritized, so as not to raise any suspicions. It is important to remember that it will not always be possible to use the champion or go to the chosen route due to the order of picks and team compositions.

I am interested in an account that they are selling, now what?

ELOMAX is proud to say that we are the industry leader in League Of Legends account sales, including the sale of Unranked Accounts. This is explained because we sell with total security, confidentiality and quality. All the available accounts on the site are our property, and are guaranteed and will be delivered in perfect condition. As soon as there is confirmation of payment on the purchase of Accounts, we will immediately pass the account on to the buyer. Still have questions? You can check out the exclusive FAQ of Sales Accounts, at the end of the page, by clicking here.

Service Dashboard

O que é o Service Dashboard?

ELOMAX believes it owes every possible feedback from the contracted service to the client, therefore, our services are not only about receiving payment and delivering the service. The Service Dashboard is a platform that uses real-time technology that allows you to follow the entire process of the contracted service. You can enjoy several benefits: chat with the booster, ON/OFF module (know when your booster is on in your account), match history, booster evolution, and spectate of your matches without having to be logged into LOL. We invite you to view a Demo of our System, just click here.

Here are some differentials that we make available to our clients during the validity of the contracted service, within the Service Dashboard:
• Leave Chat Offline for friends (invisible)
• Spells (flash) position preference
• Route Preference
• Champion Preference
• Restrictive Time

All this at your disposal, to maintain a personalized, discreet and responsible service.

How can I track my order in the Service Dashboard?

Access our Tutorial and check all the steps to make the purchase and follow up the order.

How do I see if my account is being used?

To see if our professionals are using your account, just log into the Service Dashboard, go to the "Services" menu and then click on "View". On the interaction screen you can see if your account is "In Use" or if it is "Free".

Can I log into my account during the service period?

Yes. We allow (but do not recommend) customers to log into their account to play custom or normal (never ranked) matches. If you want to play at a specific time, it is also possible. We value communication and dialog with the customer, to get this reservation in your account, just ask your booster via chat from the Service Dashboard. Just be careful not to disconnect the booster (check the account's ON/OFF status) and avoid future problems.


How to buy services?

Access our Tutorial and check all the steps to make the purchase and follow up the order.

In addition, during the service request step (Checkout), you will be able to customize the service. We make available Extras (Optional) fully customizable, so that the service can be executed perfectly and without raising suspicions. We do it all your way!

What are the payment methods?

We work with the following payment methods:
- Pix (immediate transfer)*
- Mercado Pago (Invoice, credit card - up to 12 installments)
- PicPay (Balance, ayment slip, Credit Card)*
- Paypal (cash payment with credit card)
- Stripe (Credit Card, GPay, etc)
- Bank Deposit and Transfer (Brasil, Caixa, Santander, Itaú, Banco Inter, NuBank and Bradesco)*
- Deposit in Lottery (via CAIXA account)*

We only accept cash, we do not accept other forms of payment such as: Accounts, Steam, etc.

Some payment methods such as deposit and transfer are not integrated in our site (not automated), you only need to place your order on the site and send the code described in the payment completion step. You will find all this information at the payment step.

* More convenient and faster payment methods.

Can I pay for the service after it is completed?

Unfortunately not. We only work with prepayment.

How secure is the payment?

MercadoPago, PagSeguro or Paypal are transaction intermediaries. These companies only give us your money if you receive the contracted service. Otherwise, you can start a dispute, block the amount, and get it back. In addition, our website has Certificate of Security (SSL/HTTPS - Green padlock next to the browser's address bar). This means that all your data and information is encrypted, both when you browse and when you buy.

What is the approval deadline for payments?

Invoice and Envelope Deposit take 1 business day to clear. Credit card purchases take from 10 minutes to 1 day, usually approved instantly. Deposits in lotteries (via CAIXA account), Pix and bank transfers from the same bank are cleared at the same time. We do not accept proof of payment, only after your confirmation. If you want a fast payment, opt for instant payments (card, deposit, transfer).

I already paid, what do I do now?

Thank you for your purchase! Here are some instructions depending on the payment method:

INVOICE: Now you must wait 1 business day for the payment slip confirmation. Once confirmed (usually in the morning) you receive a confirmation e-mail from MercadoPago and your order will be active in the Service Dashboard. So, just wait! :)

CREDIT CARD: Once approved, your service is already active in our Service Dashboard.

DEPOSIT/TRANSFER/PICPAY: You must send proof of payment to contato@elojobmax.com.br or WhatsApp, informing the contracted service with the code that will appear at the end of the service. Soon after, the service will be activated in your Service Dashboard.

If your payment has been approved and your order is not active within 1 day, please contact us.

My MMR is too low (earning less than 15 points per win), will there be any price changes?

Yes. The reason for the price change is that the booster will have to play almost twice as many matches as an account with normal MMR. We charge an additional fee proportional to the contracted elo, if your account is earning less than 15 points per match. The fee is paid only once, at the payment stage, by checking the "MMR Fee" option under Extras. In this sense, we recommend the client to buy Win Boost, instead of boosting, until the MMR stabilizes.


Do you buy or resell accounts?

We do not buy or resell accounts. Contacts regarding this will not be answered. We only offer the sale of accounts owned by us.

How do I become a booster?

If you are a Tier Master, Grand Master or Challenger and would like to join our team, just follow the procedure in our Recruitment Discord. We do not hire people outside of these standards. Watch our video of How to become a Booster to understand the recruitment process.

What are the official ELOMAX contacts?

Following are the official contacts, they are only these and no others. Do not believe anyone who claims to be linked to ELOMAX without the contact being exercised by the official contacts.

Email: contato@elojobmax.com.br
WhatsApp: (54) 99601-8871
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/elojobmax
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/elojobmax
Online Service at the website: Via Chat or Contact Form.

What are the service hours of operation?

ELOMAX offers attendance in multiple channels. Below you can check the hours of operation:

Email: 24 hours
Discord: 24 hours
Discord support: 24 hours
Online Chat, via website: from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., if available.
WhatsApp: from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. (Send message by clicking here).

If you are not answered immediately, please wait, we will reply as soon as possible. On the Weekend operations hours may be reduced.

I have another question that is not in the FAQ, how should I proceed?

We provide 24-hour support and value transparent communication with the customer. You can ask any questions through our service channels: WhatsApp, Discord, Email or the Contact Form by clicking here.


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