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Contract (Placement)

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Contract (Placement)


Special Clause 1 - The CLIENT, when accepting the terms of the services rendered, is aware and in agreement with all the clauses of this contract, among them, 2.5, that in case he/she uses any means to recover the payment made, be it chargeback, disputes, withhold payment or any other means that makes the credit impossible, he/she will be subject to both civil and criminal lawsuits, and such attitudes qualify as fraud and swindling, both of which constitute criminal practices.

Cláusula especial 2 - The CLIENT, by hiring ELOMAX's service, confirms that he/she waives any future reimbursement or dispute, provided that the service is provided as agreed and duly completed. In case of dispute of bad faith and/or chargeback, our legal partner Escritório de Advocacia Sena Freitas (Law Firm Sena Freitas), in the figure of its administrators, is authorized to enforce this contract in the amount of 200% of the contracted value as a fine plus the costs of legal fees and indemnities. Furthermore, ELOMAX will report the irregular account and is authorized to disclose the client's information to third parties;

1 - Object, Security and Term of the Contract

1.1 - Comply with the contracted service as negotiated via Online Chat, E-mail and Official Website; upon completion of payment;

1.2 - Maintain the confidentiality of all information provided by the CLIENT, ELOMAX members, and Management;

1.3 - After the payment is made, the deadline for completion of the service will be stipulated at the time of contracting the service and/or after the start;

1.3.1 - The calculation of the deadline will be arranged as follows: 1 day for the completion of the Placement. In addition, one day is added to the total deadline;

1.3.2 - The deadline can be changed unilaterally, if the account is earning an amount equal to or less than 13 (thirteen) points per win; there are time restrictions for the game; there is maintenance on the server; there is a technical problem and/or instability on the server or there is a booster modification;

1.3.3 - The delivery time is given as valid from the next day of payment confirmation (unless the service is queued - see clause 1.3.4), even if the service starts on the same day of payment;

1.3.4 - If the service is "queued", the delivery time is given as valid from the moment the service starts;

1.3.5 - ELOMAX may change the service deadline, without prior notice, in case of server problems (deactivation of the ranked queues) or booster modification;

1.3.6 - This contract (Placement) is valid for Placement in "Boost" mode. For the Placement in "DuoBoost" mode, the valid contract is located in the section "DuoBoost Contract";

2 - On the part of the Service Provider (ELOMAX)

2.1 - ELOMAX is responsible for providing help and clarifying doubts after the purchase and during the service;

2.2 - Not to use PR or AE/EL in accounts made available without customer authorization, except in the express case of clause 3.1;

2.3 - Do not add players to CLIENT's account;

2.4 - Use the account exclusively for RANKED SOLO/DUO or FLEX matches, depending on the service chosen;

2.5 - If the customer opens a dispute in bad faith and / or chargeback the credit card after the service is completed and properly concluded, Elomax reserves the right to enforce this contract in court in the amount of 200% of the contracted amount as a fine. Furthermore, ELOMAX will report the irregular account;

2.6 - In the rare event of a delay in delivery, Elomax is willing to reward the CLIENT with winnings bonuses or discounts. Except in the case of justifiable delays such as clause 1.3;

2.7 - ELOMAX guarantees the secrecy of the user's personal and account information, and does not save any type of banking information;

2.8 - ELOMAX is only a service provider; the service will be terminated and properly completed as soon as the purchased elo is reached;

2.9 - ELOMAX is responsible for exercising and fulfilling all contracted Extras; For champion and route extras, ELOMAX may exercise an Extras fidelity rate equivalent to 90% of the matches, this being caused by different randomness in the ranked queues;

2.10 - ELOMAX may change the booster without notice, at its own discretion;

3 - On the part of the CLIENT (Contractor)

3.1 - The account must have at least 20 enabled champions to be able to play ranked matches and perform the service.

3.2 - Make the account available for use whenever requested by ELOMAX while in the Boosting process;

3.3 - Do not play RANKED SOLO games during the Boost process, if this clause is broken, at that moment the termination of the Boosting will be cancelled and there will be no refund;

3.4 - It is mandatory and strongly recommended to change the password of the account after the contracted service is given as completed. ELOMAX will not be responsible for the integrity of the account after the contracted service has been terminated, which remains the sole responsibility of the CLIENT.;

3.5 - It is strictly forbidden to bother or disturb the Online Service or the Booster during the course of the service, either in reference to the deadline (if it is in force and in agreement) or in reference to defeats;

3.6 - In case the CLIENT disconnects the booster of the match or of the Champions Selection, the case will be analyzed and will be liable to be charged for wins and/or cancellation of the contract;

3.7 - For greater security, ELOMAX recommends to the CLIENT that the password of the e-mail is not the same as the password of the Account in the game;

3.8 - Make the payment at the time of the order;

3.9 - It will not be allowed to modify the Booster by request of the customer, except in case of problems with the delivery time or unforeseen circumstances;

3.10 - The customer has the responsibility to confirm his e-mail address linked to the account with the Official League of Legends website;

3.11 - In case of a request to cancel the service already started, a 5% fee will be charged on the total amount paid plus the service on Wins that have already been performed. If the balance of wins is negative, this amount will not be refunded.

4 - Responsibility and Contracted Service (Placement)

4.1 - The money will be returned if no game has happened during the stipulated period, without prejudice to the CLIENT;

4.2 - GREAT IMPORTANCE: In case of account banishment ELOMAX is not responsible for the loss of the account, since the CLIENT is aware of the risks of the contracted service;

4.3 - Elomax has the duty to refund Riot Points (RP) and/or Essences in case of undue spending by the "Booster";

4.4 - In the event of non-compliance with topics 3, on the part of the Customer, the service completion deadline for leagues is extended indefinitely;

4.5 - If the account owner plays a ranked Solo/Duo match during the Boosting process, even if he/she wins, the contract will be cancelled and there will be no refund;

4.6 - In case of disconnection of the "Booster" during the game by the CLIENT, the contract may be considered cancelled without refunding the money;

4.7 - The CLIENT confirms that is not eligible for Buyer Protection at MercadoPago and Paypal, or any other payment method. Any dispute must be requested at one of our Customer Service channels. If the CLIENT opens a dispute with any financial institution to recover payment for a completed service, the CLIENT will be in violation of our terms of service;

4.8 - Changing passwords before or during the Boosting, without prior notice by the CLIENT, will be considered as cancellation of the contract and there will be no refund;

4.9 - ELOMAX guarantees, for accounts that have never been ranked, the minimum Silver Elo; For accounts that have already been ranked, ELOMAX guarantees only the number of contracted wins, including the allowed loser-rate margin;

4.10 - Compensation System: For PLACEMENT ELOBOOST service Full (10 matches), ELOMAX guarantees a win rate equal to 80% of the total contracted wins. In the case that the booster does not achieve the standard winrate combined, for each defeat beyond the combined (80%), ELOMAX is willing to upgrade manually a division of the final result of the Placement - Valid until Diamond 4, after that, the Compensation System becomes the Wins System (see Clause 4.10.1);

4.10.1 - Compensation System: For PLACEMENT ELOBOOST/DUOBOOST service Solo Wins, ELOMAX guarantees for each loss beyond the agreed upon amount, to obtain a win instead. This will not interfere with the net balance of wins purchased by the CLIENT;

4.11 - ELOMAX may request confirmation and security information, if the CLIENT makes the purchase by credit card, at ELOMAX's discretion;

4.12 - By contracting the services offered by Elomax you are agreeing to all of the terms.

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